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Construction Site Security

We are your single source for construction security in the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura, San Bernardino and San Diego.

More than ever, construction security guards are considered crucial in the industry, which has over $1 billion in losses due to theft. Everyone is affected when there is a theft, starting from the contractors all the way to the insurers. Thieves are finding that construction sites are an easy target. Also, homeless persons are showing up more on construction sites, we will keep your site clear for everyone's safety.

Premier Nationwide Security provides licensed, experience–based people, latest technology and knowledge based best security practices to protect your construction sites from vandalism and theft of copper, machinery, and other valuable merchandise. We will be with you from the start of your construction project to finish.

We work closely with clients to create a highly visible and multi-layered security presence at their construction sites.

Furthermore, our construction site protection services will help in minimizing lost productivity, missed project deadlines, consequential penalty fees plus high re-insurance premiums which impact the bottom line and put a strain on the budgets. Our 24/7 construction site protection solutions can address most of the security concerns that you may have.

Our proactive approach is the four Ds: Deter, Detect, Delay, and Deny

The Premier Nationwide Security goal is to deter thieves whenever possible, followed by detecting their intention to cause harm, then to delay their ability to cause that harm, and finally to deny them the ability to cause harm or to deny them the value of their efforts. Deterrence comes in forms such as training, awareness, barriers, and strong internal controls. Detection likewise may be found in electronic monitoring systems such as alarms and closed-circuit television (CCTV), and aware personnel. Delays may be created by barriers, such as locks, security intervention, and most importantly multiple layers of protection also known as Defense-in-Depth.

Construction Site Security Guard

To serve our client security needs better, our construction site security officers will do the following but not limited to:

  • Log in all incoming/outgoing vehicles, deliveries and visitors on the construction site.
  • Tailored security solutions with proven best security practices
  • Site specific post instructions and standard operating procedures
  • Allow access to authorized personnel only
  • Maintain construction site clear of homeless persons
  • Nothing is to leave the property without proper authorization
  • Escort authorized visitors to the construction office
  • Foot patrol of construction site
  • Inspection of exterior fencing checking for security breaches
  • Maintain a watch over construction equipment & materials
  • Maintain watch over office trailers and their contents
  • Safety enforcement and risk mitigation
  • Emergency response (fire or other emergencies)
  • Perform an inventory check on all construction equipment at the beginning & end of their shift
  • Prepare detailed daily activity log, maintenance log, safety and incident reports
  • Use flashlights, two-way radios, whistles, reflective security vest, and cell phones
  • Notify client and local police and/or fire departments when needed

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